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stock: nature walk
beyondordinary wrote in zac_and_vanessa
i realized, i never made a affiliate post.
so if any one who would like to affiliate with us.
comment on this post. :)

Current Affiliates:
ashleymtisdale hsm_claims hsm_icons justjemma highschoolmuscl passion_efrons hsm_fics anything_efron easthighwildcat hsm_a_rating agingmousketeer hsm_stills lucasfans falsexpretense popxiicons babyv_stillness wildcat_chat tisdaleicons vanhudicons

(Deleted comment)
awesome. adding you right now.

ok, so i'm a mod of the community but i'm not quite sure how this works. i was sent a request to affiliate "anything_efron"

maybe you could fill me in on how to become alittle more involved, or this works just fine if you have no problem editing this stuff in.

i got the same request. :) i added it in. :) could think up a challenge for people to do if you want...i've been wanting to do it, but i haven't got a good idea. :/

of course! sorry I took so long to reply!

Would you like to affiliate with lucasfans ?

soo sorry this took sooo long!!
added. ♥

♥ sry it took so long!
added. ♥

sorry it took so long!
added. ♥

sorry it took so long! ♥ added!

sorry this took a while!

sorry this took a while... added! ♥

(Deleted comment)
sorry this took a while..
added! ♥


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