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Zac & Vanessa

for the "zanessa" shippers

"zanessa" community
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Welcome! you have reached the zac_and_vanessa community, runned by beyondordinary. This community is for people who not only like the Troy/Gabrella pairing in high school musical, but like the pairing of Zac/Vanessa in real life.

this community is filled with anything and everything of Vanessa Anne Hudgens and Zac Efron, from their latest projects and appearance including videos/pictures, to graphics (icons, banners, headers), and ANYTHING, there is really no limit, and posts are greatly encouraged.


- no haters.
- this community is members only, so make sure when you post it is members-locked or friends only.
- if you are posting icons-keep in mind that if there are more than 3 icons, the rest that exceed 3 should be placed under a lj-cut, also more than one header and banner should be placed under a lj-cut as well.
- respect others within the community.
- promote, and stay active within the community.
- any advertisement is allowed but as long as it is disney related.
-fan-fic is allowed, we would love to hear Zac/Vanessa stories. ♥